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DOT Spod Rocket

DOT spod raketa je unikatno rešenje, prvo ovakve vrste na svetu, i poseduje mnoga unapredjenja u odnosu na sva postojeca rešenja iz ove oblasti.

DOT spod predstavlja jednostavno rešenje zatvaranja - otvaranja, manipulacije jednom rukom i poseduje više osetljivih tački za aktivaciju sistema, (nema dugme, niti slične delove konkurentskih proizvoda).

DOT spod ne sadrži nijedan uređaj u sebi tako da nije uređaj u uređaju već totalno nov sistem koji predstavlja nove standarde u oblasti ovih proizvoda i prvo je ovakvo rešenje na svetu zaštićeno intelektualnom svojinom.

Patentontna prijava P2016/0836



DOT Spod Rocket

DOT Spod Insider Information

Here's some insider information from first hand:

The development and testing of prototypes lasted 1.5 years with more than 130 made 3D printed prototypes ... When this is converted into money that's pretty serious investment in the development, engineering + etc ... so that we did not want to leave something that has flaws. We only wanted to make the product very easy to use with one hand.

  • The rocket has a certain "Clearance" which are intentional and allow more sensible point to open the system (no button), so not a rigid structure than the flexible
  • The rocket is not diving ... easily out of water from 50, 100, 170m
  • When pull-out from the water rocket not jumping, she is constant on the surface of the water and returned to a line to you
  • When pull-out from the water, string on fishing machine is almost perfect tight and with the same pressure, that is important for re longcast
  • Rocket floats so that if the tear is likely that you will, with the help of the wind will provide the opportunity to pick up, or if you want to swim to it :)
  • We load everything, hemp, sweet corn, pellets, boilies ....
  • It is essential that the rocket filled with small empty volume because if you over fill then there is no place to lock off system which is logical.
  • Food is in the nose of rocket and that weight is prosecuted and prosecuted forward
  • When all this is done of course we not save on the material and we put the best plastic what needs for functioning of the system (according to the information so far, according to our tests, we did not have a breakdown, cracking....) we hope this trend will stay.
  • Hatch closing the slide
  • When you filled the rocket, close the door, you will feel completely lock, turn the rocket nose down and let the finger, than you are reday to gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • This is a rocket with the system and you can not just throw it in the bin and she fills herself, locked up and thrown itself .... Be realistic and familiarize yourself with the product and use it correctly and we think that you will be thrilled.

DOT Spod Rocket - Tehničke Karakteristike

Komponenta za Ribolov - DOT Spod Rocket na travi

Komponenta za Ribolov - DOT Spod Rocket

Komponenta za Ribolov - DOT Spod Rocket uboden

Komponenta za Ribolov - DOT Spod Rocket na panju

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