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Sport Fishing

Sport fishing presents catching fish with allowed fishing equipment and sport techniques while fisherman follows fishing rules and sport fishing ethics.

Sport Fishing - SunsetSport fishing can be divided on freshwater, sea and underwater fishing, where each group has own disciplines. As for freshwater fishing, the largest disciplines are float, lure, fly and carp fishing.

The passion we feel for sport fishing we inherited from our ancestors who provided food and survival to their families by catching fish. On excavation sites of ancient settlements, tools and objects used in ancient fishing, forerunners of fishing equipment were found and their estimated age is several thousands of years. Today, fishing equipment evolved incredibly, making fishing more comfortable and efficient.

Sport Fishing - Big CatchGenerally, sport fishing is a discipline and a hobby that occupies more and more people and is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world today. What contributes to this claim is the fact that sport fishing doesn’t know age limits, except for the underwater fishing. While other sports demand the most efficient age of life, regarding condition, people take part in fishing from the earliest youth to old age. Exactly this is the charm of fishing, in all of its diversities caused by your own tendencies and capabilities.

Beside satisfying your passion, occupying with sport fishing presents an opportunity for escape in some different world, different from the one we live in every day, at least for a moment. Staying outdoors and sitting beside water will prepare us and give us some strength to cope with all problems of the modern society such as stress, jams...

Sport Fishing - big fish in fisherman's handsNo matter if you are a float, lure, carp or a fly fisherman - modern sport fisherman is above all an ecologist, environmental preserver and an expert regarding the whole herbal and animal vegetation in our waters. Those are all factors of common fishing culture: to be a gentleman on the water, to respect your fellows fishermen and all who love and enjoy nature.

Sport fishing is our passion and to enjoy we need so little: clean water, small and big fish, sharp hooks, good company and everything else that makes life and sport fishing funny and healthy.

Sport Fishing - Catched FishFollowing quote describes a true sport fisherman in the best possible way: "At first, my goal was to catch as many fish as possible. Later – it was the bigger fish. Today, neither quantity nor size of a fish matters to me. I fish for my pleasure..."

God doesn't subtract days spent fishing from the span of one's life.

Sport Fishing - Fish in the Water

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