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Fishing News - Carp System

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New award for DOT Spod

WIPO award

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The Underwater Cutter

We represent you a new Carp System tool - The Underwater Cutter :

The Underwater Cutter can save your day or fishing competition, and the most important fish lives.

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No more lies !

Dear fishermen,

As we have told you earlier, our product, Dot Spod, is NOT infringing any of the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Spomb has. Now I can send you a proof regarding their patent WO 2013/153367 versus Dot Spod patented product.

no-more-lies no-more-lies

We inform you that EPO (European Patent Office), the most competent patent authority in Europe acting as ISA, has identified D1; WO 2013/153367 (Houghton Bryan, Gery) to be of category A. Down on the same page, (Picture 1) of the search report, there is an explanation what category A means. I refer: "A" documents is defining the general state of the art which is not considered to be of particular relevance. In plain language it means that the product of Spomb is not even close to our product. They are completely different solutions to the same task of dispensing fish bite.

Picture 2 says that all 11 claims of DOT have novelty, inventive steps and industrial applicability.

The analysis of the inventive step of the DOT Spod bait dispenser clearly indicates that Carp System is not infringing the patented Spomb bait dispenser.

This whole report is clearly indicates that DOT Spod is unique.

The Device of tomorrow that improves all existing solutions and speeds up the handling.

We also remind you that we have previously published a document that our GRANTED industrial design has also been approved through a WIPO organization that examines the novelty of design.

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DOT SPOD advantages


DOT Spod


Dear customer,

DOT Spod represents a unique solution, the first of its kind in the world, and doesn’t have any points of contact with Spomb – as this company claims.

DOT technology is filed as a pending patent application, distinctly different then Spomb’s.

Analysis of our own technology, done by national and international patent lawyers, compared to the technology disclosed in Spomb patent, assure you that our solution is completely different from Spomb’s – what is more than obvious.

DOT Spod is a revolution in the modern approach to spoding and advances all existing solutions, what will witness everyone who tries it.
Spomb company is trying to deprive this right to you.
No one can stop the progress of technique...

Sincerely yours,
Bojan Bojanic

Put the DOT

DOT spod is a unique solution that uses the inertia of food for perfect functioning of the system of closing - opening, manipulation with one hand and has a more sensitive point for the activation of the system (no button or similar parts of competing products).

DOT spod does not contain any concurrent parts in itself so that the DOT spod is not device in other device, already has a new system that represents a new standard in the field of these products and is the first such solution in the world protected by intellectual property.

All the best and enjoy our new unique DOT spod product.

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National Championship of Serbia in Carp Fishing - 2016

Carp System champion again.

Serbian Championship in Carp fishing took place in Čonoplja and Kudoš Lake, 2 rounds on each lake. Members of carp System team were: Bojan Bojanić (cap.), Mrgud Tasovac, Zoran Gardinovački i Ivica Mihajlović. This is the sixth champion’s title (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016).

The general standing for 2016 and both members of a Serbian national team, which will compete on World Carp Championship in France, are:

  1. Carp System - Zrenjanin (B. Bojanić, M. Tasovac)
  2. Meleg bait – Sremska Mitrovica (J. Benak, S. Radosavljevic)
  3. Milorad Pavlovic - Mica - Mladenovac (D. Petrovic, M. Koncar)

National Championship of Serbia in Carp Fishing - 2016 - Carp System Team

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Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here is wishing the New Year brings in…
Happiness, success and prosperity for you…
Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Innovative System for Fish Feeding

Xplodecarpsystem - Innovative System for Fish Feeding


National Championship of Serbia in Carp Fishing - 2014

After the third round of National league, on phenomenon Peskara Lake in Zrenjanin, KSR Banat team - Carp System: B. Bojanić, Z. Gardinovački, I. Mihajlović and M. Tasovac took the 2nd place in general ranking for 2014.

Team Šaran from Srbobran took the title by ending a multiyear domination of Carp System team.

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