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Carp System Field Testers

Krešimir Kuri - Carp System field testerName: Krešimir Kuri

Country: Croatia

Date of birth: 09/19/1969.

Fishing Biography:

I caught first fish with a four-year, first carp of ten, a first cenera with eighteen (1987). For over twenty years with an active fishing carp fishing and I like to journalism. I have published numerous articles on hunting carp in about 20 different fishing newspapers, journals, magazines around the world. I started four years to create the only magazine (magazine) dedicated to hunting carp (world carp) in this region, and today I created carp site (Practical carp fishing) in the journal Practical fishing.

Favorite type of water: My Local: Lake Šumbar and Kupa

Favorite catches: Amur 25.50 kg (Šumbar 1994), carp 20:50 Laminate kg (Cup 2000), naked carp 26 kg (Šumbar 2009)

Favorite Carp System products: rocket to feed and lead to a large horseshoe shaped couch

Why Carp System? Because they have products of excellent quality and moderate price

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