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Carp System Field Testers

Aleksandar Ljubomirović - Carp System field testerName: Aleksandar Ljubomirović, Acke von Veliku Kopašnicu

Country: Germany/Serbia

Date of birth: 22/02/1974

Fishing Biography:

I am a fisherman since I can remember. Memories from early childhood onwards we are connected to phishing "krkuški" (stream barbell), chub and trout stream on Kopašničkoj say. As a boy I spent the most time pecajući cataracts, "carp" (Prussian carp) and by somče at Dubinko and the float, a favorite spot, the South Morava River below the bridge kopašničkog.

In Germany I moved to the 1987th At that time I started to fish carp in lakes, first on the float or classic deep assembly with feeders, and from the mid nineties, thanks to Tomi Popovic, I began to hunt in a modern way. Today is the carp in the first place, but I like to fish and catfish, perch and pike varaličarenje, and since 2008. year I and occasional fideraš.

Favorite type of water: Any water gives me pleasure in its own way, but I prefer something larger rivers and canals, but less water, because I was catching carp prefer that it is harder to find and attract them to take the bait.

Favorite catches: I caught many fish that I will never forget, but the three that still stand are: 1 first barbel that I caught without assistance. I had between five and six years, and I caught it on Leskov rod of 1.5 m, with a link from the reinforcement wire and 3 feet nylon, whose lower end was tied to a "reel" of the two nails on which I namotavao string; 2. Carp of 23.5 kg, which I caught on the Rhine; 3 som of 2.36 m, which we hit the Effzett spoon.

Favorite Carp System products: Safety Clip buckles, Extra Heavy lead of 150 and 180 g (when pecam at larger distances, drawing systems); Swiwel ball of 125 g - when pecam zabacujući systems on rivers and lakes with a harder bottom, and the Flatliner Pear 110 g.

Why Carp System? super quality products, as well as such svojevemeno said in an advertisement for my favorite drink, and our world.

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