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Carp System Field Testers

Šapanjac Slobodan - Carp System field testerName: Šapanjac Slobodan - Boban

Country: Serbia

Date of birth: very young, 31.10.1964

Fishing Biography:

Pecam of five, grandfather born I was a professional fisherman (blood is thicker than water), and we all first got to stick float and I was fishing a white fish. First carp in my life I found myself with 7 years of course a chance on an earthworm on the channel Sibnica on the road to Pancevo, 7 kg and it was poisoning. Very active fishing only carp I started with approximately the nekih17 - 18 years and it is strictly pecajuci float in closed waters and so I learned how to read water and very to find carp. At that time I knew that and spend 200 days on the water with my second Srdjan Čanadanović, we were really insane, though we were much younger. On the boil and modern way of hunting carp I started around 1993 and the next I met Tom Popovic, who I was very much helped me to understand how to make Boyle and carp Peca as a modern way. Valda is a mixture of carp fishing in a modern way of fishing the same float and gave the results that have so far on cultivated and wild waters, and of course the competition.

Favorite type of water: Lakes and major channels, I love the water with lots of water lilies!

Favorite catches: as a young man, 14 kg carp savage channel Sibnica old man pickled corn, high on carp 18.5 kg of the boil Korenicka Lake franfurtska kobaja and Romania carp 24.5 kg shellfish boil fruit Hutchinson.

Favorite Carp System products: lead inline, shrink tube, safety systems

Why Carp System? Quality!

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