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Carp System Field Testers

Sirar Željko - Carp System field testerName: Sirar Željko

Country: Serbia

Date of birth: 08/17/1970

Fishing Biography:

Angler from an early age. Last 20 years, everything in life is subordinate to my favorite hobby.

A few years a regular member of the Serbian national team in carp fishing. Winner of many awards both in national championships and world championships in carp fishing.

Co-owner of the company.

Favorite type of water: a medium-sized lakes from 20 to 100 ha of new uncharted waters.

Favorite catches: Carp caught in rough waters for fishing, which requires maximum knowledge and skill of the angler.

Favorite Carp System products: Long Cast, Rig Safety, Rocket 20cm

Why Carp System? My best fishing partner

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