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Carp System Field Testers

Mihovil Vudrag - Carp System field testerName: Mihovil Vudrag

Country: Croatia

Date of birth: 29/01/1985.

Fishing Biography:

Fishing is a lifetime deal, and I started catching carp with 13.g. Four times I have participated in world championships, including two times as a competitor. So far my biggest successes were the second place team in the championship in 2007, the first place team at the championship first place team at the World Championships in Belgrade in 2007

Favorite type of water: United dams and rivers

Favorite catches: Carp sansculotte 18.100kg with Mrežnica

Favorite Carp System products: Heli-zip, a marker of lead and cast long

Why Carp System? Therefore, because the quality of their products is equal to much more expensive producers, and cost significantly more accessible.

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