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Carp System Field Testers

Gašper Nahtigal - Carp System field testerName: Gašper Nahtigal

Country: Slovenia

Date of birth: 01/04/1983

Fishing Biography:

With fishing I started at a young age when I was 6 years and a lot of thanks goes to my late friend who led me into this world. With modern Šaranolov I started when I was 11 years old and I have to admit I'm pulling more each year in the light because you are every minute something new to learn and meet many good people.

Favorite type of water: The water staječih me one of najdražjih Bled in Cassien course in France and the last time I pull over white water that has a lot to Slovenia. Rjeka Sava, the Krka and the Drava to the water which will be the consequence of years of visiting hours and a little more effort.

Favorite catches: catch Najdaržji ustvario I were you last year when I caught the Rivers Leakey beautiful ljuskaša over meters and 20 kg, and of course in Bled when I was successful in less than 24 hours to catch the beautiful ljuskaša glolača over 23 kg and I think Wherein to remember whole life.

Favorite Carp System products: Since a lot of lead Korst Extra heavy lead razih weight and long distance when I need to met. As for small accessories kosistim all products Carp Sytem and I must say that I have good experience and a lot of confidence in them.

Why Carp System? A few years ago I had the chance to meet Bled dečeke and I have to admit that they are really good people. And so slowly between us formed a friendship that continues today and each year is stronger. Thanks guys for all izkustva divided by me and normal for all the items that they gave me the test. And I'm really proud to say that we can be in your Team. For me, Carp System is the law and the guys are fantastic so I hope that we will work together throughout life.

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