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Carp Rigs

Within Carp Rigs group of products, our brand offers you carp rigs ready to use, as well as components for systems made by the user, for the realization of concrete situations on the water. They are integral part of every fisherman’s equipment.

Carp rigs have practical application not only in carp fishing but in sport fishing other fish species. All components are compatible, made of quality materials in natural, olive green color without smell.

CS3 - Helicopter
Carp Rigs - CS3 - Helicopter
color: olive
length: 0,4m
pack: 3 pcs
CS4 - Safety Bolt Rig
Carp Rigs - CS4 - Safety Bolt Rig
color: olive
length: 0,4m
pack: 3 pcs
CS5 - Rig Tube
Carp Rigs - CS5 - Rig Tube
color: olive
length: 2m
dia: 0,75mm
CS6 - Shrink Tube
Carp Rigs - CS6 - Shrink Tube
color: black, crystal
shrinking: 3:1
pack: 0,6m (10x6cm)
CS7 - Soft Connector
Carp Rigs - CS7 - Soft Connector
color: olive
pack: 0,6m
for swivel No10 & No 12
CS8 - Silicon Tube
Carp Rigs - CS8 - Silicon Tube
color: olive
pack: 1m
dia: 0,75mm
CS9 - Safety Bolt Rig
Carp Rigs - CS9 - Safety Bolt Rig
5 swiwels No 10
5 safety clips
5 conical tubes
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