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Superior Challenge - Saint Cassien Lake

Saint Cassien

Carp Lake - Lake St CassienThe December tour with Yuri and Capan was agreed in August is in Samara (Russia), where we had the honor to receive a party invitation to the prestigious Russian masters call which gathers some 15 top Russian team. I am looking forward to pre-meeting with friends and the final challenge for the end of the season-hunting on the legendary St. Cassien. Lake victim's 365 days a year and mainly of those most famous, most determined and courageous. Ready for a challenge to sell an old stunt that leaves the majority of tricks already seen and knows them well. Many have felt the bitterness right there, hunting for a month without a catch, but also a chance to exceed the magical 30 kg.

Yuri Begalov

Passionate fisherman life-infected with incurable. Special passion for huge lakes that never lets up for 20 years. Alpha and omega of the Russian national team. One of the few who can boast a catch 30 +, and most importantly-Ljudina.

The latter know best all the passengers from the last World Cup in South Africa. When a problem has emerged who is priskočio first ...

Long but very comfortable way of nakih 1600KM (from Zrenjanin) Capan and I carried enthusiasm prevezlili we for a moment. When we saw the sea in Genoa, it started to rain ... Comfort Italian highways and a phenomenal view azure spoil banks is the only one. We are located with Yuri and decide to spend the night in Antibes, and only in the morning on the lake. Maybe the rain to stop... Finally lake.

St Cassien

Carp Lake - Lake St Cassien 2008St. Cassien is located in the south of France, only 4 km from the highway, between Nice and Cannes. Clearly, a prominent panel of the car-road so it is very easy to find. Size of the some 1000 hectares (depending on water levels) and make it north, south and west reservoir. By an accumulation of the north dam closes, offering the greatest depths. The coast is rather indented with numerous bays, reefs, branches, shells and anything you can imagine - in one word PARADISE. And all this for some 50-odd per year-which is the annual permit. Hunting is allowed only at night in winter, a couch and a half of water.

Carp Lake - Lake St Cassien 2008We go first on the now cult place, the heart of the lake, shop in Pierre, Yurijevog teacher hunting kapitalca. Pub now run by his son Philip, which leads us into the current status of water and completes the necessary equipment. We took another boat, a spare battery and permit me, as others have. North (deep) tank is full of fishermen, mainly from Italy and caught mostly small fish, in the central part in front of Pierre is a couple of fishermen in the south only Englishman Gary. North reservoir in the statistics given more fish, the west is preplitak for December, and south to catch fewer but bigger fish. We decide to avoid the rush and go to the southern part. Capan and I will hunt the island, back to back with each of them will have as many proctor (radius). The menu will be Gary northern neighbor, on which some 400 in these conditions (read: bed) and a line of decency. Yuri goes even further to the south (mean and shallow) of Capan, leaving some 1000m distance. No matter what we would be best if we close, we do not want to endanger each other and create bezpotrebnu feeding competition, since all Troica ask myself the same goal-capital fish.

... And the rain keeps falling ...


The system has done Safety-rig with leadcore-om (lead rope) instead of rig tube (outer casing), aggravated Extra Heavy lead of 120/150gr zakačenog outside conical tubes and hook specialist carp G-No. Penetrator series 2 or a No. 2 in size. The length of the leader of about 30 cm, composed of Kristonovog Quick Silver's.

Carp Lake - Lake St Cassien - fishing rods on the rainThe next day we finish setting all the poles, while the rain falls - the water rises. Already the first night we see a significant increase in water and plenty of shady streams that filled the lake from the surrounding hills. The apparent increase in asking the shallowest stick to only 2m deep, the zone of clay surrounded by rocks, not far from the muddy stream povećeg stream. Although in December the water temperature is over 10 degrees, and suppose that the carp still set off to discover new landscapes caused Buic smell ... similar idea led, and Gary, who had a stick and a meter deep. Often we would meet on the water and the inflatables ćaskali.Tema was to spare because we are still cousins - relatives of the stick. It came a week before us and already had 2 fish of which was greater than 24 kg ljuskaš. When I say but, believe so, because at the first hunt for a huge lake that you become perfectly clear. This is supported by the observation that Yuri was our tour of six days is too short and we see this success maker registration. Although usually only read about those successful tours of course there are those, even very long without a catch he had experienced each of us. Probably because of this fishing and is nice and gives a realistic picture of where we place in the underwater world.

... Need I say what for rain ...

All 4 stick were sites for themselves at great distances with each other, and different depths. From najplićeg on 2 meters and the deepest almost lonely in the middle of the water with a depth of 16m. I kept my bait in water over 48 hours, and then they prezabacivao, creating the impression of safe food. I fed almost exclusively boil, not a lot and not concentrated. But on the third day came in the form of awards of my first French lukavka heavy almost 14kg.

... The next day I manage to catch a few bream and ljuskaša of about 10 kg, all relatively close to shore at depths of 2 to 4metra. In Capan and Yuri, whom we regard talkie still nothing, but has time for that one and only fish which virtually all hope until the last minute.


For December fishing my choice was his own design Nutrabaits's Triga-ice the size of boilies in 16 and 20mm, Hutchinson monster craba the pukka fish mix (D. Thorpe) and Solar Red Herring, both in size 20mm. I made them a mild winter and renovated water.

Carp Lake - Lake St Cassien - Capan in fishing boatThe relentless rain of the night and joins the wind storm and then just get ran wild on the pole set at 7-8 meters from our feet through the grass bush, so that the deeper the grass peeking behind only extra heavy lead and hook rig with a depth of 5 meters. I accept the rod and feel the intensity of which contributes to the wild wind. It is impossible to get into a small dinghy and I forced to fish I pull the coast where a lot of danger lurking in the form of blade of grass and stumps of former forests that grew there. With much luck with sizable dose of forces within the fish landing net with Capan. But when raising the water huge fish elicits smiles, and the scale shows 21.76 kg. What to say ...

In the morning we rise due konstanrnog water forced to the new scroll bars from the water to the top of the island that is becoming closer. 17 th December and was concerned about whether we have the land for another planned day or we'll chase away the water before. That day, the lone stick unnoticed until then, in the middle of the lake to 16 feet deep, I get a slug of 17 kg. My fourth fish and a full hour for the first time on the package Cassienu.Poslednjeg Capan gets two fish, that photograph of the stage enjoying the fatigue in his fight. Greater measure and the scale shows just over 17kg. We pack things almost from the water and leave only a few squares of the remaining land. We welcome with Yuri and beautiful Cassien who honored us is phenomenal, not allowing the constant rain to spoil our mood.

Wondering where we going next winter?

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