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Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake

The old folk wisdom says: "Whatever worked the first time is the hardest." And believe me, there is something in it. When I was at the end of May last year along with my friend Željko Capan first started fishing in France, I must admit I was a bit lost. I never went to his car in such a long way, I did not know where to go or what to me on the water where I come to check. What to bring, how to prepare? We went with two cars ... However, France was a major challenge for the first time I liked so I decided to go again ...

The second time everything is easier

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - LandscapeSecond time, however, everything is easier. For the second time we have with it a little better prepared. We rented a van so we were both driving, and if needed, change the wheel. Somehow time has passed, as expected. We started at 10 am from Karlovac, a relatively easy mountain past Croatia and Slovenia, and found the usual crowd in Italy. On entry to France, precisely at the exit of the tunnel De Frajuz greeted us on the snow. Nothing strange, so was the end of March, and we were under the Alps. After a full 1,500 kilometers are (this time we drove only on motorways) and after about 19 hours of driving in the morning, and set the day we appeared in the region of Limoges. As yet too early to pop in the water and wake up the owner, early morning hours Kratie are driving and sightseeing around the city and its surroundings. On Vodomarovo Lake (Lake Kongfisher) we arrived a bit later, maybe about eight hours. The weather was very cold. Nothing unusual, I thought, and yet we are on a mountain lake which is about 900 meters above sea level. We walked around the lake and visited a group of Englishmen who hunted there last week. People were packed house full of impressions. This is crazy, they said. Per day are just a few days of sun completely burned, and nights, after which the regular freezing (4 to 5 nights was a minus), and it was blowing north, and snow falling. All in all, if we exclude this crazy boiling was good, we caught a nice fish ... However, the snow that fell two days ago was really worse off fishing. The lake is relatively shallow (up to 2.5 m), powered by two small streams and with them a few small mouth of water generated by collecting rainwater from the forest and its surroundings, so that its temperature is automatically reduced by a few degrees. Shock to the water, fish and fishermen. Fish is, as we learn, just started to move slightly from the winter quarters, and this time it was a sudden reversal railed back. Our Russian friends on the lake should arrive until the afternoon, a flight from Moscow to Paris, and then another four hours by car to us. Campi was tired from the trip and eager to sleep, but as for his commitment to the club is not fully able to prepare for fishing, left the van to Limoges seek a fishing store and buy some of the necessary little things.

Alone on the water

What a stupid situation. The English have left, the Russians have not yet arrived, I stayed on the water full of carp alone. As I was bored, I asked Tony (owner of the lake) would be angry if he would I do a few hours to the nearest town, just to kill boredom, without feeding tossed two sticks. He told me he did not object, but also how fishing is a very wise move. At these words I took the bait bucket, a holster with sticks, pad, mat, fish, well dressed and went to the first free position in the corner of the lake. Although he has been a day, a light north wind was blowing. Outside it was still very cold, and I put myself in a wool sweater, and two-piece thermal suit and a cap, that is just the beginning of the fishing does not freeze. To the first available seat watched the winter port, and the deepest part of the lake. How did I last year in place by him in seven days spent fishing, quite well I remembered the underwater configuration. For some fifty meters from shore in the direction of a birch, there was a pile of stones increases (remains of stone wall from the time when the stream flowed that way). Before, and behind him, there are a few good positions with a hard bottom. I tossed a stick with lead and napipao one of them, after which I immediately agreed to the second stick and shook it close to the system with a double deep to boil which is composed of a 20 millimeter birdfood and a same type of fishmeal boilies own production with a combination of flavors Mulbery Florentine Liver and Rod Hutchinson, and some attractive, such as amino Swan Mussel (RH), Corn Liquor Step (from Nutrabaits), sweeteners and the like. I believed in that combination, because we had already several times so far did a good job. I got caught on a hook-PVA mesh into which I put two on the half broken boilies, and five of six pellets of both types: based on cereals and those of fish.

A lot of pellets, boil a little ...

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - caught big carpLast year a lesson from this link on fishing with a lot of little pellets and boil well cut into my memory. However, I agree to comply with Tony that in this short test fishing waters and their bait, until we all come and pull until the fishing area is not fed. The system I made from nylon Sufix 0:30 mm brown (that was the color of the lake), Kordin Longshank number 4 hook with a long neck covered with Teflon, and Prologic Virble with ringleted No. 4, which is the bait allowed very good mobility. I decided to test these two hours every other zabacivati fishing rod with a new PVA-net every half hour, and so a maximum of as much as you can comb through the location where they would be in my thinking at this time should contain at least a couple of nice carp.

Finally in the fishing, and another addition on the whole I like this beautiful water. Really a fantastic feeling! These lakes are not without reason okrštena Paradise (Paradise Lakes). Whenever you find yourself on them, no matter whether it is spring or summer, and somehow win her charm. The clear mountain air you just sharp sense of smell, noise with calm and with the constant chirping of birds soothes and heals the nerves. Whatever you see around you that gives the atmosphere of peace and relaxation: something, which is twenty years could experience the Šumbar ...

For the first hour fifteenth

I sat on a bucket with bait, and enjoyed the ambiance. After an hour, some 15 minutes after zabačaja started the bobbin my left stick: Bi! Bi! Bi! Although I was surprised, I jumped with drums and strained to hard. Emblemke my brakes a little proklizala, while Infinity bent the roll and pumped just like my heart's blood all over his body. After a very pleasant twenty minutes of solid resistance to a naked French carp, well over 15 pounds slowly entered the network of pads. I cut the plastic to prevent damage to fish, fixed the washer to a pole, and ran after Adam and appliances, leaving a large carp on a mat on the coast, to the happiness perpetuate such a good start. In less than an hour and a half fishing in March, I caught more than seven days of fishing in early June last year. How do I successfully checked his bait, and with it the unexpected quickly enrolled, full of hope and good vibrations, I decided to pull the rods and wait for all your friends to gather, and to perform in peace but the traditional ceremony of drawing numbers, and prepare for seven-day fishing and a whole series of very cold nights, which we will present.

Weather just did not listen

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - YuriWeather really was not great. The first few days was supposed to be cold, and by the end of the week it might dawn and the sun and additionally zatopliti. Clearly it all depends on the wind. As Tony told us, if you blow the warmer south, carp almost always move in search of food. However, if the cold north wind blows, everything stops. Exactly as it was. Luckily this time, so I carried with him his new venture VX-1 Low Rider tent, which to me like never before provided excellent protection from the cold, but very decent comfort on the water. Later when they came Yuri, Eduard Tolj, we greeted and well told. We have not seen since October. Drawing of lots, just not completely follow my wishes, because I'm three positions that I wanted because they look winter port and deeper water, where they are currently bigger fish located and pulled out just one of those that they look shallow and wide bay the south side of the lake. So the real opportunity for fishing only if I get soaked, and if the fish moving again towards plićoj water, and that could happen only in the second half of the week. You will need to wait ...

Good location is half a success ...

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - good location for carp fishingPreparatory work and making bait for me has always been najmukotrpniji of fishing, while a survey of the village at the time the first time it get interesting. That is why, before I even Munic fact, took a small plastic boat (or rather a bath, not to offend our Karlovac river wooden boats!) Meter wide and two and stick a long search the bottom and embarked on a lake with a view to well to survey the site and possibly find a few good positions I could shake out some bait and throw back at them after the first night sticks. Although I'm with you had a good old Eagle depth sounder, it we really should not have because of this lake for years as a major tool for searching the bottom of the lake, commonly accepted attitude over 20 years old Toni's Chimera 3.60 m carp rod broken wires Harrison Balista series. With him it was out of the boat very easily and very precisely what could be felt down the bottom. Where the silt, clay, stones or sand. By the very middle of the lake once a krivudao creek, and his sunken old riverbed is now actually a place where the lake was deepest. At all like water, especially when water is cold, a large carp were usually kept blind such sites. If you just may not always be in such places, are quite safe in certain moments, using such sites as natural highways and close to them where to look for food.

Blindly stick out of the boat meter by meter at the bottom of the lake I was looking for a stiffer bottom piece. Stone and sand I have not managed to find, but I found three places because those hard yellow clay. I have marked these three sites and each one fed with about 5 pounds of pellets and burned twenty and twenty whole boil of both types. I did not want, especially at the beginning of fishing to feed any of the potential sites. The night passed without a move. Members are dormant as cursed. I got up at dawn with a desire to shoot in the morning what is happening on the water. As nothing in particular I saw, I took out a deck chair from the tent so I can lie down and watch as many bodies of water in front of you.

Indian tactics

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - carp caught with indian tacticsLater he started to drizzle a light drizzle. Sometime after 9 am, about fifteen meters to the left of me in a place where water poured into the lake that came out of the woods, about two meters away from the shore and the depth meter, I noticed the blisters. Carp that feed! There was the little sand. I took the binoculars and watched them for about ten minutes trying to trace their route. Moved from right to left (for me) in parallel with the coast. I took out one of the dormant sticks and installed it just a boil (the same one that has been all night in water), and shook it diagonally left towards the coast. I reduced the lead to 30 g that does not scare the fish, and silenced the sensor. I wanted to bait the hook to fall about two meters away from the fish somewhere on the route which was supposed to go. Little was stupid to expect this winter by a large carp on a meter deep and three feet away from the coast, but experience has taught me that when you catch carp is the best rule is no rules. Where can you find there and try to catch him. For fifteen minutes he played the sensor, and I'm happy as a child and proud of myself hit another double. Whoever had the opportunity to catch carp on about ten feet away from the coast, you will understand the excitement that every angler feels the move, but the effect of fish that is still full of power under the coastline begins to fight for freedom. For twenty minutes it was very nice veleljuskavi carp of 13 pounds was in my mat. Another surprise! Although I was extremely happy with the caught fish, I was concerned because of the lack of action on the outer positions. In a way both carp that I caught so far have been fairly well-deserved "treferi", while none of the so-called shock position has not worked. Fish from cold water was still in shock, and comforted me was the fact that neither my friends just are not nalovili. Campi has been during the first night caught a lovely common carp of 11 pounds, while Tolja lost his tail, and Yury and Edward have not even shook.

Swimming in cold water

Only search field. I decided to spend the afternoon back on the boat, and even further to explore new locations. I found the right stick especially hard part clay and the depth of two meters right in the middle of the lake. He marks the location marker and headed to shore. There I took some deep food and mingled with the mixture boil for production based on milk combined with fruity aroma. I wanted the water to make a fragrant cloud that passed all the carp lake and made it clear that there is a grub. I was thinking to himself as a fragrant cloud of lake travel and prefer large carp, and so carried away he leaned over the edge of a small plastic boat, mile after the hand lumps of food that Mutila in white water. At one time I forgot, and I thought, I'm in the big wooden boat Korana. I was a little more lean and was followed by a shot from the disaster film. The boat is completely reversed, and I'm dressed in thick winter clothes with baksa the legs together with a can of food and flew into the water. Fortunately the water was about 10 ° C, and the cold I was immediately cut. However, as I was not the first time that I found myself in this situation (I was attacked in the life of some of the boats in the water), I quickly got up, turned the boat into the hands of normal, he tried to climb into it. When you try to climb the boat turned back and I swam again in cold water lakes. I realized that's not so easy to climb out of the water in a small plastic boat, so I like a castaway, clinging to one arm for the site rental, and other swimming from the middle of the lake somehow came to the shore. There I removed myself from all the wet clothes, changed, at the urging of my Russian friends drank a little vodka (they treat all their problems vodka!) Are boiled chamomile tea with honey, well utoplio and this week laid the bag in the tent to warm up. Fall into the water, so after the show, as it was the crucial moment. Since then, as if I was a little gone.

Wily carps

In fact, during the day by two big fish, which are a good part of the game nudging my marker on the surface of that same right stick left right, literally drive other demented. I do not know why, but none of them did not want to pick up the bait with a hook that is located only two meters deep. I changed a couple of baits during the day, editing and presentation. Larger boilies, less, floating, snowman, a deep, two deep ... and nothing!

Fish dining

I left determined to stick to move, even though I still did not know exactly where. On the other side of the lake, the place exactly opposite me, and Yury is found abundantly fed three positions, so in some ways the center of the lake where we both became heavily fished. How is it in the next few days expected warming, I assumed that in this case carp could again head towards the shallow part. That's why I have made effort to nabadajući old Chimera on the bottom, and following the link in the middle of the old bed of the stream, headed for the big bay looking for the first clean sandy location. For some eighty meters from the shore, and fifty feet "upstream" of about one meter deep I finally napipao little clearing forms an irregular square of fine sand, surface a little less than a meter to meter. Around it was mud everywhere. However, what impressed me the most cheered, there were holes dug in the sand. Specifically some of them about 30 inches deep. I knew that I finally found exactly what I needed-dining fish in water! In fact, even in ancient times Šumbar, in periods when the fish did not bite, often we are bathed. Most interesting to us at that time was to explore the locations of the catches. More then I realized that it was a regular place with a hard bottom. And especially when it comes to a hard yellow clay, the points where the best bite were dug pits as they were during his pre-made feeding carp. Knowledge of such positions is almost always what was valuable local knowledge makes us the odizalo from occasional visitors the lake, and usually one of the keys to successful fishing. Precise "zabac" in such a place, if the fish is almost always meant to move.

Cold weather and move

That's why I marked the position well and all happy paddled ashore on top dressing and the usual portion of the system with the bait. The next night I waited full of optimism. The night was very cold, like the yesteryear. Crisp mountain air brought frost again! Mercury in the thermometer next to my tent down to two degrees below zero, so I'm already two hours after nightfall sought shelter and warmth in the tent and bag. Sometime before dawn he heard the sensor.

Bi! Bi! Bi! I ran barefoot out of the bag and tighten. It was my right stick. Yes, that's the one I have left in case another night in the same place! Resistance was strong and solid in half an hour fighting a big fish sailed into the net underlay. When I was lifted from the water on the mat outside began danito. Through the twilight I am the light of lamps on their heads looked at a large carp, which is only slowly opening and closing the gills completely motionless on the big green trays. The fish was in excellent condition, like new, unscathed. I enjoyed watching the big brown ridge and zlatnožuti stomach, with only a few irregularly arranged scales. Scale was later shown for 19 kilograms. Another kapitalac! I am bursting with happiness, just like a little kid. I will probably never understand the young and newly anglers who after only a couple of good seasons or after a ten-caught big fish start to underestimate their catch. I remember one young man who was last spring at Šumbar hunted in place to mine. Shortly after he was tired and podmetačem accepted very beautiful naked carp of 15 pounds, he was a bit rough otkvačio rasparavši hook him in a goodly part of the mouth, only to be followed by equally rough, almost contemptuously shoved into the water and said. This last year I caught two, but do not admit any more fish that has at least twenty! I do not know why, but that we are very strong unpleasant scene engraved in the memory. Arrogance and this hobby, I think, somehow do not really go together. Therefore, whenever the last time I catch a nice fish, I remember this scene, and I enjoy it like my last. The essence of our beloved and somewhat childish game is just that to good fishing relax, rest, and that, ultimately, if you go up to rejoice all the better catches. It is even nicer if all that you can share with good friends. To me as to the repeatedly scrambled nicely. I went to Campija, woke him and asked him for a couple of pictures for memories.

Relatively heavy water

After that I was with the unaltered "winning" combination of boil in the form of a snowman (deep and floating, both size 16 mm to Kordinoj Longshank hook No. 4), again paddled up marker and placed them in the same position. Around the hook again I dumped the kilo and half as many fish and vegetable pellets, and twenty whole, as well as many half-severed boil, both species (fish and biscuit / bird food) and size (16 and 20 mm). In fact this lake is one of those where during the course of six months intensive hunts, 24 hours a day throughout the week. English fishermen, who only allowed him to come, are well trained local carp, and the entire fishing in some way for all of us turned out much harder than we expected, but also from the standard situation in our waters.

Old tricks

A rough system, a large boila, badly chosen location and formulaic approach to fishing just is not burned. So I, that something was caught, he still further engage, and the precise location of the best positions for hunting out of his pocket to draw some of our old Šumbarskih tricks, hoping to England before us still here are not used extensively.

One of them is that the baits that catch a pair of scissors or a needle to guide further harms, working by boil more or less irregularly distributed holes, and then later "nadipate." This effect is achieved even better release of aroma, but also the appearance of fresh boilies changes to one that is long in water and small fish which is threatening the principle (the crafty carp sign that it's safe food).

Dried and hard baits I use gotten on a regular basis before one day in the water (to get a little soft), because I noticed that here prefer to take carp baits softer than harder (yet another consequence of the strong fishing pressure on the water). I did it for reasons that weaken the flavor. Namely, the big fish sometimes stay away from heavily flavored baits, so these soaking before fishing regularly gets effect "of the time the old boil", and of course the move.

Floating baits are simply not working solo, and the fish we received only a well-balanced presentation of a snowman, and one or two Sinking boil. Size bait was also very important, because I almost all fish other than the first (opening) of carp caught on boilies size 16 mm. On "dvadesetka" we just did not later receive.

Another tactic that I applied here is to use some kind of mixed together boil, both in composition and smell, and the size. With two different sizes, part I boil while cutting in half to make even more confused experienced fish. Namely, when the baits for a long time standing in water, have a good soak and then begin to fall apart. Boilies cut in some way emulate the old bait, yet give off more scent signals and thus further vabe, but also confusing experienced fish.

And the third is working

Immediately after I got the boat back to shore he played the second sensor further, that the left stick, across a shallow one meter location found yesterday. I countered! Again, hard! Twenty minutes of solid resistance, and soon another fine, this time a small carp, weighing about eleven pounds found in the mat. So that's the bone in place, I thought. All three sites work. Finally I had a three-rod fish. Time has become more beautiful and warmer, which is meant to carp from the warming water could go in a number of winter quarters, and that the latter site has all a better perspective.

Pellets are the law

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - pelletsIt is interesting how the lake responds well to fish pellets during all seasons. As I am the owner of the lake, Tony, explained this is not surprising since it is a clean habit. These carp are easily taught for years at the pellets, and see them as natural food. If you try the same way zasipati Boil, fish quickly become clogged and hard that you have a meal. Therefore, here for many years throughout the season as the best-proven and demonstrated a combination of: a lot of pellets, a small boil with another addition: the more pellets, more fish.

Since I solved the riddle locations, amounts and types of baits and presentations, and survived the fall into the water, coming all the warmer weather is promised later in the week good fishing. And so it was. Patiently I held just found the key to success and regular stretching boat systems with bait and hunt carps. Although it is actually a lot easier and simpler to throw a few rockets coast of pellets to a bookmark and for them the system with the bait, it appeared that that though I was not specific enough. In fact, I personally was convinced that after the rocket attack and casting, even though it is operated from the shore was not very precise moves, while setting up the system after each move the boat after some time came.

All on the same rod

The next night I again sometime just before the morning on the far left stick got a very nice carp of 17 kg. Night behind her in the same place two more: one in ten say ljuskavog ljuskaša dragonflies and one of 9 pounds. The day after that on the same site brought me another nice slug of 14.5 kg, while I again just before the morning the night on Friday, caught the biggest fish Desk: lovely slug of 19.5 kg. Right after the rod is one of a large fish completely died out. And although I still regularly prihranjivao same location at depth, it seems that the warmer weather and warm water make my own. No matter, I was persistent and consistent. Although I was a good one feeding the other two does not occurred to me that all three rods is moved to the same location. In fact, I was afraid to make more stretched nylon could additionally frightened by the nature of this very cautious fish. So I trust in the staff that gets on it until the end of fishing worked devotedly. All in all, the final catch of nine big fish, ojih the four were over 15 pounds, plus a week of socializing and fun with friends, and good sleep in a clean and fresh mountain air is difficult to compare with something nicer. Considering also that I was there live for the first time he saw a black, every night listening to "baukanje" buck and huktanje owl, and three nights in a row at ten meters from my tent came the wild pigs for food trench on the field, this experience superior fishing in the French wilderness I actually remember as a very pleasant and unique experience.

120 pounds of pellets ...

Yes, I think maybe more so in the end is not irrelevant to mention that I have in a week of fishing on this water has spent about 120 kg of pellets, boil ten pounds and about 5 pounds of bulk in-depth food. In the end it turned out that Tony's words from the beginning of the fishing still standing, and not just a promotional gimmick.
"How many pellets are prepared to spend, the more you and catch carp. The ratio of pellets embedded in the water between us was approximately proportional to the quantity of caught fish.

How other were hunted

Although this time I again had the privilege to hunt in the "selected" society, it seemed to me that not everyone all were equally motivated and that it is not us is all served as good luck. In fact, Edward was in a week caught six carp, of which the largest was 16 pounds. Campi was one of 11 kg, but the temperature that it is most of the tour kicked out of the machine, so a large part of the trip spent in the hammock sipping herbal teas and medicines. Yury is in place for five days was not moves. However, when the weather finally improved, with the warming water and the carp are headed en masse into the shallow part of the bay. One seasoned move and change of hunting the night before our departure which he won in the fishing sense of dramatic turnaround. There was massive last night feeding pellets came "directly" between them, and caught carp to 10 from 9 to 15 pounds. Tolj, who was hunting my right passed the worst. Throughout the week he had two strokes, and two big fish on a stick, but none of them managed to get away, both of which are otkvačile. The only catch is that Adam was made a small yellow stardfordški terrier named Jerry. In fact, in moments when we went to lunch and socialize in a small wooden dining room, Jerry would be the rule, sneaked out, ran on our cities, and there sought to steal accidentally forgotten boil. Tolj was before he left his place with a hook mounted boil attached himself to the conductor rod, a stick placed in the sensor. When Jerry was grabbed and rushed boil, hook him up scored in the ear, tore the rig, crashed into the water rod is unusual is "earring" back among us. In the end I still hurt I am. Although I thought I was on holiday in France I had a job as a veterinarian, of course, taking out Jerry in the ear hook. However, Jerry was glad-hearted dog that I was actually a pleasure to help.

Memorable experience

Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake - fishing teamWith good fishing, good company of friends, and exceptional hospitality of our host (Tony us every day cooked English and French cuisine), seven days is gone as the road and it is time to return. Once again, 1500 miles and 18 hours without a break behind the wheel. However, this time it was easier. Comfortable French and Italian nervous road we ran over the piece. Just like at the beginning of the story, Campi and I have alternated at the wheel and a light story broke another in the afternoon and night, keeping each other awake. Another wonderful trip and a handful of happy memories will remain in my memory forever the most beautiful possible. Campi, E., Tolj, Yury, Adam and Tony, thank you again for everything!

Author: Krešimir Kuri

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