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In Search for Big Carp

Carp Lake - Lake BledNatural pearl, glacier origin, crystal transparency, which reaches 10 meters. Slovenia's tourist treasure the landscapes of breathtaking and the mountain peaks covered with snow. Tito Villa is not in vain here, as well as presidential residence for holidays - but we, the relatives, mostly occupied by the following: a large population of carp with a significant number of head over 20 kg. And all this on some 200 ha of water surface.
Lake Bled bought me a long time - and you? We'll see after the text.

End of the season I expected with impatience, the end of the competition season and abating business obligations with the arrival of winter. Since I was finished - fishing. Finally I was able to dedicate themselves and their passions, fishing for your soul on the great lakes. High flows have always attracted me because of its space, a peace that is always somewhere you can find, but also because of the challenges of hunting the big waters where it is frequently very difficult to meet their goals. My goal in Bled was a break up with this beauty and if it is possible to move my Bled a record that stood straight 18 kg.

Unfortunately Sirko obsessive personal problems, as well as in Africa, and in this way could not be with me. The Company will we as last year made Miha young? - Hope the Croatian fishing competition, which will pick up in Zagreb.

Fishing Mode:

Carp Lake - Lake Bled - Fisherman on the coastFishing for guests to perform with the daily permit which is valid from sunrise to 22 h and is valid for one stick. For an extra charge is possible to catch the maximum two-rod, and the best and biggest feature is the three days with two sticks, which is 110eura which is my choice. Game-keeper are kind and very agile, which is commendable. The catch is put back into the water - of course. Allowed the boats, oars and electric pente. Regarding the ban on fishing at night - not worry, very soon get used to the comfort of lodging at a motel and private apartments on the water, and rested in the morning, new challenges. Permissions and lodging you can do in the apartment Pletna located on the main road to Bohinj along the lake shore.

After a pleasant drive with all the comforts of a highway nearly full-length, we were in Bled, a day earlier than planned, fishing, before we remove it without rush tickets, accommodation and well-chosen position. The choice of places is vital for any fishing especially on large lakes, because very often what gives a basic prerequisite for success. The fact is that if you fish there, and the best tactics and bait it is impossible to catch.

The positions are chosen on the north side of the lake, the steep and inaccessible rocky shore below the old Bled castle. As always, we looked for peace, often running away from Tito's hunting moves and Presernova villas, where most anglers caught, often in large numbers. North side, illuminated by the sun offers the peace of walking trails which is here generally far from water. Each stick me in such a fishing story in itself and a separate location, different depth than the other. On this occasion I left a deeper site at 50 meters from the coast had Mihin stick where we are nourished on the field together should select baits for the shortest possible period of slightly more than the some 18 meters deep. Right stick to me was the shallow, right oblique, the last pronounced cascade with tree branches covered in inaccessible coastline. The depth was 14 meters.
The water temperature was 12 degrees during a sunny - perfect for November.


Carp Lake - Lake Bled - Big CarpWe used our own performance Nutrabaits's 3D boile in sizes 18 and 20mm, Starbaits's Hot Demon boilies and Solar Red Herring in the size of 20mm. Do we have adapted a relatively mild and cold water. We used a couple of kinds of the mixed pellets of different size and time toplenja that are constantly left a scent on feeding.

On the first day, as we expected has not happened anything. As oil calm smooth surface themed KUPAN the serenity at the November sun. We relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. We were worried because it is quite common on large lakes, but we waited for the carp sniff the offered feast. The first excitement came just before the end of fishing in the 21.45 h time after violent wounds of the left stick with the system of nylon west between rocks on the bottom and after a few moments of contact with the fish in rupture of nylon. Packing our bags with the statement that we lost the first day. The apartment thin nylon (0.28), in which I have full confidence is being replaced in 0:35 and 0:32 thicker leaves. From tomorrow, hunt with an open buckle, where will the fish to lose every lead, but cause its lakes climbing the water column.

Carp System

Carp Lake - Lake Bled - Bojan holds carpThe system has done Safety bolt rig with leadcore-om (lead rope) instead of rig tube (outer casing), aggravated Extra Heavy lead of 150gr zakačenog outside conical tubes and hook specialist carp G-No. 2. The length of the leader of about 30 cm, made of very resistant Kristonovog Quick Silver's. All this backed by great expectations ...

The other day, but around noon I get the first fish, a hook and pierce the lead after the first swing of his head, which normally does when the carp get a bite, lead is one and fish with ease starts to go up. Up to his defeat, while I accept the Miha photograph ...

After this as a fairytale, we find carp in large numbers. Lead fall off, everything works flawlessly. We enjoy watching the fight of their stunts in the crystal clear water. Fortune served us and the big fish is a relatively fast villages in feedlots. Lined with double-digit catches all the weight...

Carp Lake - Lake Bled - Bojan releases carpOccasionally I hear the phone with Capan and Yuri who simultaneously love in Morocco and also has a phenomenal fishing. Yuri veleljuškavog caught carp of 27.50 which is only less than one hundred grams of Records Morocco. Arrange a joint trip in December at the famous ST. Casienu.

... At once "ran in" I feel incredible strength fish that constantly goes from me, arrive in a small dinghy (my companion on these trips) and the fish pulls us some 150-200 meters to the middle of the lake and rowing cable. Miha easy paddle in reverse, not allowing the fatal ending. At first I think it's a huge catfish, but after a while by the behavior of fish, after a stalled drive and a pair of sinister Backstroke saw hanging on leadcore, smile because it appears the carp - and how. After an incredible battle huge ljuskaš within the landing net. In a small boat with dvoicom people, there is no place for him, and we do not want to hurt. Miha off box Mered with handle and hold it next to the boat in the water while I'm paddling a long way toward shore. We put him in the SAK for measuring and weighing 23.80 kg shows - what a beautiful dark-colored fish, the first time on the hook ...

Summary of Fishing:
6 days, 15 two-digit fish (23.80, 19:40, 18:00, 15.60, 15:30 ... ...) Beautifully time and an unforgettable fishing. Great experience in the beautiful setting and, of course socializing with like-minded and Gasperi Matjaz.

Just a few days later, Matjaz me reports that the fallen new - old record of Bled, carp known as Scarface with a new weight, which now amounts to 27.20 kg - Think about it!

Bojan Bojanić

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