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My Africa (II) - Marocco

Last year I broke my record for most spent days and nights in carp fishing. In various waters around the world have even hunted 107 days. Three times I was in France, two in Morocco, one in South Africa and Russia, and I was hunting in Croatia. In that year, I passed more than ten world's most famous water. By far the finest fishing I had at the end of the year, precisely in November at Lake Bin El Ouidane in Morocco...

First time

In Morocco I went fishing for the first time early last year, or at the end of February. Looking at the pure sight fishing, it was a fishing disaster, but at the time when the fishing failed, it was a very nice and especially instructive excursions. The owner of us is terribly wrong. He promised us the excellent fishing, and we do not provide anything. The same day we arrived the license is expired Moroccan authorities for fishing (it is not paid!), And in general we were not allowed to hunt at night. Fishing was allowed only one stick (we subsequently bought a hunting license bass!), And six of us in the water of 4000 hectares available had only one boat with sonar and an electrical Pent. The worst news of all is yet come. Late February and early March is the time when the Atlas mountains of intensive melting snow, and when the lake from the river full of cold water. Of course carp are then retreat into the deepest parts of lakes, and some are already going into the river and upstream to the preparation for spawning. Of fifty fishermen who were in these two weeks you were on the water, no one caught anything. The first time is always the hardest... not without reason, says our proverb, so we decided to go the same place again.

Second time

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, MaroccoOther times when I went to catch carp in Lake Bin El Ouidane I was much smarter. We knew about the water a lot more. What are there carp, which and how food, when you love best. Unlike last time, when we were six, due to various business and family responsibilities to my fishing company left school. This time we went just Yury and me. We met at the airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris, and from there we have the four-hour flight had already been in Casablanca. There we were met by a chauffeur company Morroco Carp Fishing "which took us to the next 4 hours drove the dusty Moroccan road to the lake.

Finally on the water

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, Marocco - on the waterAlthough it was late autumn, the water in the lake was warmer than at the beginning of March. Also, the carp were more active, and we are already in our first boat ride to see the jump. Namely, for the first morning at our request, guide us all dopodne boat raced across the lake to get to know a part of which was forbidden to hunt, but also to find the best position for catching. We asked a confluence of two rivers, which are each in turn affected the lake and brings a variety of natural accumulations of sludge, seeds, grasses, branches, trees. We expected that in this way to the lake and the food comes to carp, and to that age then they might as well be. And we were wrong. The very first day we found the location where the carp are concentrated. We decided proud to camp on a small convenient island, which is in front of me had a long sandbar that has a length of 200 meters slowly descended to the old river bed. Some 600 meters away under the water gently wound the old river bed, which is always on all the lakes of this type is usually the best location for catching big carp. On the part of the lake where the "Morroco Carp Fishing" was a concession for fishing, hunted at that time was about 60 fishermen. We knew that the fishing on many waters, a very special and to be especially while looking for the hunting of such large lakes should never be rushed. Me here was particularly valuable rich fishing experience of my friend Yury. He has 19 years of traveling around the world and extensively hunted carp, and most of all loves fishing on large lakes such as this. Annual average water carried from 150 to 160 days. That's why I resigned, and a very curious and listening to its bend.

Long preparation

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, Marocco - Yurij holds big carpOnce we set up camp, Yury immediately got in the boat with a depth sounder and went to advanced search lake bottom in front of the camp, while I was assigned to climb the highest hill near the camp, is it the whole day to observe and write down where the carp appear most rise. In this way we could get a complete picture of the fastest underwater terrain and direction of movement of fish living in front of us. We started feeding stations set up in a very different depths, ranging from 3 up to 18 meters and the main guide as we were jumping carp, and their daily movements. The vast majority of rebounds was at depths of 4 to 5 meters. The bottom is everywhere were similar, and consisted of stones and red earth. Two of the best positions are found with a large submerged stump and with a flooded house, the rest departed the village, which once upon a time there existed even before the dam. The old rule "to hunt where there is something going on," it was worth it this time, except that most things happen just by the house in the backyard."

Baits and systems

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, Marocco - Capan caught big carpAlthough they told us to do, on several occasions we tried to catch a boil, but it did not work, so we still rely on good old boiled corn, not burdening the other baits. To it we managed to catch about 60% of the fish, but we use it up soaked and freshly cooked in its juices, without the addition of other flavors. Systems are not fishing we were nothing special. We used the classical string and hook No. 4 wide arc, and the coat accomplished two ordinary and two floating (plastic) grain. In a way, so we have given a balanced baits are great carp like to take. The other 40% of the carp are caught using only yellow floating pineapple boilies aromas, filed at about 5 cm high from the bottom. Best of the grizzly the size 14 and 15 mm from Nash, and Mainlinea Nutrabaits. In fishing, we spent a full 17 days, and during this time spent about 150 pounds of corn.

For bed and feeding, we used a rubber boat with an electric motor. Bait we placed at distances from 50 to 500 meters away from our island. Best position (as shown) we found on some 250 meters away.

Feeding tactics in concentric circles

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, Marocco - big carp is caughtWe are especially well demonstrated feeding tactics in concentric circles. The first day would be the radius of about 10 meters around the marked position of each bar scattered about 5 kg of cooked corn, and every next day would decrease the amount of corn, but also the surface on which to feed. So we came on the seventh day, only two handfuls of cooked corn suspended on the surface of only one square meter. In this way we carp the chance to assure the safety of corn as bait, but slowly and guided by our hooks.

It is very important in this type of fishing to be very mobile. This means that if you do not catch anything for about 5 to 6 days, you have to change place, and all start from scratch. Carp fishing in the great lakes are very different than fishing in a small (like for example our Šumbar or Zajarki), and really looks like fishing on Kruščica, Borovik or Banovoj. In my experience a serious fishing in these waters below the minimum 15 days in general are not worth it.

What are hunted?

We fished with heavy poles Fox and Rod Hutchinson 3.90 m long and 3.5 lb of action, and Daiwa Infinity rolls, and as we used nylon Gardner load about 15 lb (I think it was somewhere around 0.33 mm) without a shock leader. We used to negotiate (inline) with a tube of lead from 120 to 150 g, and an ordinary simple system with a number 4 hook In this case it is much more important to precisely locate and carp feeding well prepared position, rather than choose a specific system or installation. When they are convinced the safety of fish bait, they took them without fear.

How we hunted?

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, MaroccoFishing on Lake Bin El Oidane is not easy, and best story is the fact that we get the first carp only on 5 day since we came into the water. These were four scaly carp from 2 to 2.5 kg. Although they were small, were very dear to us. In fact, it was a sure sign that we are on track and that the only way to proceed. First major carps came just a day later. They had 14 (with shells), 17 and 23 kilograms (veleljuskavi). Carps were very strong fighters, and since the bottom below us was the rocky places, we should not bother them from the boat. Every moment of inattention paid dearly. At a time when he tried to enter the boat and out of it bother him, the carp are coming down sharply downward, and tried to stop the sharp rocks of nylon. Therefore, each caught fish were needed as soon as possible and raise as much as possible to the surface. Carp came in flocks, and at one point we were both suddenly move. It ended suddenly with two large carp in the mat (17 and 23 kg). In seventeen days of fishing we caught 64 fish, of which four were over 20 pounds and 39 over 10 kg. Carps were very nice. About 80% were from the shells, while the remaining 20% veleljuskavih. Yury has set a new record for the lake with their catch veleljuskavog carp of 27.5 kg. In fact, the biggest carp ever caught on this lake weighed 27.08 kg and was with the scales. Just to give you an idea how we were well off, I will tell you that all the other 50 fishermen in this period while we fished, caught 15 carp in total, none of which was over 20 kg. That is why we always "were popular." In fact, other anglers have visited us regularly, asking for the hunt, where we fish, which are deep, how far?

Excellent fishing, healthy food and good rest

Carp Lake - Lake Bin El Oidane, MaroccoIn addition we are nalovili fish, we are well rested and naspavali the fresh air. Moroccan food is very healthy, because all the vegetables and fruits that we have received, and which are used for cooking grow naturally without spraying and for our common chemicals (it is enough to irrigate, because everything else is expensive for them). Main dish (or some kind of lid) to store food in the desert called "Tazhin", and is being prepared foods from chicken, lamb, mutton and beef, mixed with various vegetables and spices to us a bit unusual. Ah, yes, and red wines their excellent. We should all be repeated again.

Author: Željko Capan

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