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Carp Fishing Tips

Flavors in Carp Fishing

I noticed from conversations with many colleagues carp to just anyone is not entirely clear as to flavor, and what scents they smell it supports and how they differ and when and why to use it.

Carp Fishing Tips - BoilesThe smell is what you feel Sense of smell, and use them to decide whether the fish gave a signal that is somewhere at the bottom of that food. our baits or have aroused interest in them. Sense of taste flavor feel only when you put something in your mouth. I noticed that a lot of confused people, because we are many complained that the bottle they bought and that they thought that, for example. Strawberry has remotely taste like strawberries but rather a terribly bitter taste is kind of impossible to keep in place or do not have any taste.

This happens because the language and putting more fluid smell, but the taste of the medium on which the scent created. The choice of carrier scent to me is as important as the selection of fragrances that we use. In it I realized many times when I was hunting with a completely identical Boil in one feeding, and only a different carrier (glycerol and EA) and the smell was the same. We must be aware of the conditions that lead and how to spread our scent there. There must be some liquid ie. carrier on which he might spread and thus encourage the fish to take our bait.

Carriers smell the fluid that make most of the products we purchase, and that really determine how it will behave in the water, and other additives can be organic acids, essential oils and some extracts. Carriers scent used in šaranolovu oils, alcohols and esters.


Oils are basically a group of neutral liquid that is immiscible with water. Since oil is lighter than water smells with these carriers to rise to the surface and thus give the signal to the fish that swim in the higher layers to the bottom of the food is. These are the longest and most persistent odors are kept at our baits compared to alcohols and esters.

Carp Fishing Tips - Activ AdeMost people use them only in the summer months because they believe that the condensed at low temperatures, thus closing our baits. I think it unduly neglected, as they are refined oils that do not condense at temperatures at which we love that. minimum of 4oC at feeding.

To make sure that 5-6 years ago I got home I put the boilies which I treated with "oil" scent of a cup of water that I used to ice-cooled to a temperature of 4-5 degrees and studied the behavior compared to the other glass where water was room temperature. The changes were not significant as shown in the next years winter fishing in the use of oil-based scents. The first time I tried it on the lake Vukovina where I sonirao before fishing lake and noticed that most of the fish are moving more feet above the bottom. Then it occurred to me to use "oil" smell though it seemed crazy to my friend.

I think the fish move into the higher layers of the water because of a condition called anomalies of water. Water is most dense at 4 o C so that the majority of winter warmer layers of water above the bottom of what is called the thermocline, and the thickest layer of water from 4oC near the bottom. Fish is often in these layers especially in the deeper lakes where the difference in temperature much more visible, and you need to have mount that will fish in these layers signal that your bait on the bottom.

Except in the winter I use the most oil in the hottest parts of the year when the carp and grass carp have a habit of "sunbathe" on the surface. I use it for the same reasons as in the winter, and that is to try to lower the fish from the upper layers of water on the bottom and feeding them interested.

Such odors putting the most part outside of the bait (depending on the year), because I believe it is so much better water release and beyond.
Great to combine them with some scents based on glycerol, because that gets spread in all directions. As the oil just does not bond with other people a lot of fluids used emulsifiers to the oil correctly deployed in bait soak-in or dipu.

Mixing oil and other liquid emulsion that is produced. nemješivih mixtures of two liquids that soon after stirring again separated into its components (eg oil and water). It uses an emulsifier that disperses one substance by another in the form of small droplets. I personally do not use them, because I for some reason do not like. Once you mix the liquid immediately pour it over the lure and leave them a few hours to soak before freezing. These fluids, in order to more evenly mix the need to mix in a circular clockwise and not shake them by hand in a sealed container in all directions.

Alcoholic Carriers

It certainly supports the most we use our fishing. They can be divided into two common types, such as fragrances based on glycerol and ethanol.

Fragrances based on glycerol are the most common in the development of odors. Glycerol is a colorless, viscous, denser than water and sweet taste. This is my favorite fragrance carrier and use it in all fishing. Odour-based glycerol You can identify that you take the bottle, turn it to the light and shake his hand. You will see that the fluid is thicker than water, but not as the oil and the appearance of fine bubbles that slowly go up to the surface. Basically it is very similar to the oil, but has a lower viscosity and will be more bubbles when you shake it.

How is thicker than water does not rise to the surface and stays with your bait. When dropped in a drop of glycerol on a glass of water gently falls to the bottom of the glass, and finally poured into a thin layer of liquid that remains and the bottom.

When you treat it with your bait smell that stays with them and settles around them does not spread by itself horizontally around baits such as the oil rises to the surface. Only by water currents can spread around your bed and feeding the fish so it felt, but when it comes to your feeding and passing near your bait, she strokes her own body or fins up from the bottom and locate him.

Another type of alcoholic carriers of smell is one of ethyl alcohol or ethanol. It is a colorless flammable liquid, a volatile is usually found in alcoholic beverages and people in everyday speech it simply called "alcohol".

They are used mostly in winter conditions because they are well spread in cold water while spreading those based on glycerol, a bit slower than in warm water. It's lighter than water so it also extends to the surface like oil, because it is often used in combination with glycerol. While not as viscous as glycerol easiest way to recognize it so desired, open the bottle and smell it slightly smell. With a scent that you will recognize in the background classic scent of alcohol.

I used it a couple of winter, but I'm not exactly been a lot happier and smells of oil-based or esters. As always on a very small amount of odor baits, and he easily volatile liquid baits treated him quickly lose its fragrance. So you need a much better store and keep them in the air, because the smell just evaporate.


These are the carriers that are least used in šaranskoj industry, and thus they carp rarest and use. I think unjustly neglected since they give excellent performance in all seasons.

Carp Fishing Tips - Profile PlusEsters are compounds formed by reaction of alcohols and acids, the most common and most widely used are carboxylic esters. They are made by the reaction of alcohols with carboxylic ie. carbon acids (butyric, acetic, formic, lactic acid). Many esters have a specific smell of fruit and it is therefore used as a variety of artificial flavorings.

The water behave differently than alcohol, and are more similar oils. When dropped drop aroma ester (eg Solar Ester Starwbery) into the water on slowly fall to the bottom while emitting small droplets that rise to the surface at the same time. This process continues until all the ester rise to the surface and lasts much longer than the oils that are all at the same time very quickly rises to the surface.

When buying ester will easily recognize in that it is much less common than other carriers, ie. not viscous like oil and glycerol, when you shake the bottle, there is a lot more bubbles, gently foaming on the surface and these scents are generally fruity and quite strong so you should be careful with their dosing.

Personally, I have these scents, along with those of glycerol favorite and are widely used in all seasons, though most people prefer the colder part of the year.


Carp Fishing Tips - Mihovil VudragWhen buying a fragrance that you choose that will be used for that particular bait. fishing must know that we feel the smell when the air expands, and the smell of the water expands on what carrier (oil, alcohol, ester), ie. in a way that you will choose. I think it should be kept in mind, because for me it greatly enhances our fishing.
I hope I was able to show in detail what is essentially different fragrances used in šaranolovu and that you will use that in future fishing.

Mihovil Vudrag

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