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Carp Fishing Tips

One, But Valuable

Fishing Tactics boil without a single recharge is for me the most challenging of all the tactics. For it is necessary to have extensive knowledge in various aspects of carp fishing and very good knowledge of water where you intend to hunt. But the biggest problem is not to catch fish, but be filled with water Ribic where regular food and thrown only three of his stick with a single bait fish, and so three days, believe me it is a big problem. So to start I suggest that you begin to hunt like a stick with one of three allowed. A couple of years like this tactic going on in my head and I often went to the water in order to try it, but somehow in the end, no matter dal caught fish or not, I took a spod or a cobra in his hand and fed. But when the issue is resolved with yourself and you ignore the dal someone next to you will catch more fish and how much food this is definitely one of the best tactics to catch big fish.

Carp Fishing Tips - UC on the Fishing RodI love this tactic not only because I believe that by catching a big fish but because it requires at least that is prepared before fishing. rolling large quantities of bait, and cooking seeds, not hard or rocket attack kobranja far the cheapest to me as a student with a very important factor. Somehow I prefer to spend time thinking where should i put away the bait with which to catch the presentation of a large carp than to spend time raketirajući. All they ask me how I know that so many fish from the lake just to find my single boilies without a remote recharge, and I always answer them that there are always chances while the rods in the water. Do not you? Of course this is not a tactic for any water with it and I will hunt for water type or Peruča Sabljak, but the type of water or Finzule Šumbar this will be my first choice. It is used on waters that are "attacked" a large number of fish in them to throw large amounts of boilies and are very rich in fish. In these waters I was never a goal to catch lots of fish but the bigger target to catch fish that swims in the area in front of me.

Reflecting on this technique and listening to the stories of other capital catch fish in these waters, I realized that the vast majority of them were caught near feeding or "Indians" that they were remote and more than 20m from the fed jobs, which in my opinion and has little to do with feeding . With that I came to the conclusion that it such a big fish will definitely received my lure to find it somewhere on your path.

Big Fish

Carp Fishing Tips - Carp on UCLarge carp are definitely formed feeding on food, but there is definitely the most difficult to catch as catch in number compared to those near or totally feeding off feeding and talking. This tells me the very fact that the vast majority of fish that I caught a large amount of ejected decoys others when pressed gently around the anal opening. I think the problem is that there are obviously a lot more cautious and aware of food hazards and there it is much harder to fool. If you were watching movies coordinates nice to see how the fish are feeding on the food and spit out the bait of times before it bites or stings, and can not easily mesh with feeding swims. The fish are feeding on the bait down over the carpet, her head in one position very slowly moving and feeding on bait and the aspiration of our rejection of what she does not like or is suspicious. The same fish when they find their way to boil down to one that picks up and moves on and I saw a few times along the coast to clearer waters. Precisely because of this behavior I think is a much larger number of large fish that are caught outside feedlots. Fish has a lot more confidence in these solo bait and bought it without thinking, moving away and at that moment our hook to do its job.


As with any fishing lures to adapt to the type of water and the tactics we use. It is certainly desirable to have multiple types of traps of various shapes, colors and smells. Do not think that these baits have to be very nadipani nabrijani with extracts or, in fact often the opposite happens. With this bait I usually hunt more fish, but they were smaller on average. You must ensure that this fishery is not only catch fish that are hungry, but those are all, but are curious. Since carp do not have arms every single thing that interests them must try the mouth where we create the opportunity to be caught is. You must be a clever and imaginative enough to be very interested in your bait.

Most people in this type comes to mind pop-up boilies but I would always give priority to a boil in diameter 18-20mm only umočenoj the dip before casting. I think people are making a mistake to keep the boilies too Dipu and therefore opreznijoj krupnijoj and fish become more suspicious. Carp have a perfectly developed sensory system and does not need to fear that you must keep your boil for hours or days in Dipu carp to the felt or found. It is important to pay attention to the form of bait, size and color. On some large waters boile work much better than smaller and vice versa as I question the size of the natural food that the fish are usually fed by the need to pay attention during the selection size of bait.

Otherwise a lot of attention adds color bait, but I think it is certainly important for this type of fishing so I often have the same bait only in different colors. Do not give advantage florescentinim baits in relation to the darker, I think that every work in his own time and at a certain water. Simply everything you need to have them for successful fishing.

Pop-up boilies are all desirable for this type of fishing and almost always have at one pole. No more fish I caught sinking boilies, so that often after a while and threw back the rod with sinking boil or a snowman presentation.

Systems and Leads

Most often hunt or very far or very near, and so therefore formed their own leader and lead. My favorite systems are running helicopter and rig. The helicopter is definitely mounting that flies furthest and at least the loop which is very important, as their leader once per 24 hours and leave without being prezabacujem so I have complete confidence in the system that I use that would not happen to wait for next tangled rods. I believe the big fish often pass near our decoys and returns it to gain the confidence and to make sure they are safe for a long time if you stand in one place. Once I saw how beautiful Squamata threw the whole out of the water at a long distance from the coast. I threw a stick right in the HALO and I did not touch even 48 hours until I got grits. Interestingly enough, I caught Squamata from 16kg to which I firmly believe that it was he who threw out. For the leader using the nylon florocabonski to 20cm in length and usually Gamakatsu "Super hook" hooks no. 6th Before, I often hunted with a thin nylon florocarbonskim 0.30mm diameter, but after she repeatedly broke the fish, however I switched to thicker. Before I get attached to an ordinary leader vriblu "Loop" node for easy mobility, but it proved to be very bad for florocarbon and would often burst on the node. So I switched to "griner" that bind to virblu with a ring to increase his mobility. It is very important to be perfectly sharp hooks and small to the lighter and sore before in relation to size, because you only have one chance to put this single fish bait in the mouth, especially if she took him just out of curiosity to see what it is.

Carp Fishing Tips - Author with his catchYou know that you often fall out of bait rockets when they throw food or water in order to put fresh. Of course, these bait fish also pick up so you always have one rod and vrlu close to the distance to assess where fish can find some free bait. There must hunt with a running rig system because they believe it gives the fish more and better indication of a full meal and see what is happening with your bait. He usually throw back with a small PVA stick with a needle that pulls on the lead core and leader crashes into it in order to reduce the possibility of entanglement. Ranning rig for use as a rule, more cushion also the leader of the smaller hooks and bait put a 20mm diameter boil. When fishing big baits and small hooks you need to pay attention to the distance of boilies hooks. If you have short hair bow boilies will close the hook and you'll have plenty of bite and neraliziranih relegation.

If you think you will this technique usually catch a few fish are badly mistaken. In the last fishing friend and I estimate that the fish fed poorly and we did one thing in common feeding grounds, and on the other sticks are hunted using this technique. After three days of fishing we caught about 40 carp, of which only ten were caught in the feeding. The biggest fish were Squamata of 17kg and 15kg caught sansculotte of this approach.

It is precisely these things that make fishing interesting, and our adjustment of the drive successful situations. I hope you try this method and the end always remember that there is a chance to catch fish while our sticks in the water no matter which tactics hunted.

Mihovil Vudrag

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