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Long Cast - a choice of the World Champion

The World cup is over. When I was a child, every kid who kicked a football on the streets of my home town yelled: "Piksiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" Today, some other kids kick the ball, and their heroes are some other people. Slobbery kid with mussed up hair, barely bigger than football, kicks Jabulani on the wall in front of the shop. And yells: "David Viljaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" The times have changed. Heroes changed passports.

carp lead - Long CastLong Cast lead. You wonder what it has to do with fishing. Well it has. Some things that we use in our hobby don’t have the alternative, but there are some small, homemade fishing objects, which are, at least, as good, maybe even better than all made in UK companies, with bombastic names. This text is dedicated to one of such products, better than all import ones, made by domestic hands and which is being copied!!! We import everything. Things we need and things we don’t need. We don’t appreciate domestic and we complain how the things don’t work out for us. Well, when the vein on the kid’s neck becomes swollen because of yelling Krasić’s name, only then we will move from the dead spot. I looked at some of my old pictures recently. Romania, 2003. I look at my equipment. Everything changed several times. Actually, almost everything.

That year, 2003. we embarrassed ourselves in basketball in Sweden, Oscar De La Hoya lost the title, Schumacher took sixth, and Carp System released Long Cast. I liked it on the first sight. It is produced in weights 40, 60, 75, 90, 105 and 120g. The construction is perfect in its simplicity. It consists of a rig that prevents tangling (rig tube) on which you put on a lead and stop it with a rubber mold (tulip bead), in which ideally fits a swivel in diameter. Center of gravity and shape is the thing that separates this product from others. Although it is in the shape of a bullet, Carp System succeeded to make the center of gravity in one point, or in other words, the only good characteristic of the lead ball they moved to a shape grateful for long casts.

The flight is extremely stable – after the first experimenting with the structure, they came to an alloy which keeps its basic shape even after long exploitation. It’s always a problem with leads intended for long casts, because they easily fall out of the balance and then it happens that they wave and vibrate during the flight. But not with the Long Cast. All you have to do is to pull a fishing line through a Rig Tube, tie a swivel with a hook and waving can begin. In the CS assortment there is also a small rubber bead which, if you put on the basic fishing line before connecting a swivel, and after a Tulip bead, modifies this system into sliding. Zig Rig with a rubber bead. Perfect.

One more, very important thing about this product is that it doesn’t twist the fishing line while pulling out the system. Pay attention to it. The most of fancy products from the west have that ugly characteristic. I don’t want to criticize others, but there is, for example, one led shape used a lot, from a very famous producer. In a package like Paco Rabanne is inside, it damages a fishing line for one day of fishing on long distances.

A lot of my acquaintances can’t wait to see my fishing bag. When you open it, it is clear - my favorite system is In Line. Around 20 kg fishing bag with leads and various small things is full with it. And on all kinds of water, famous and infamous, I start with it. And often I end with it. I like my system to be balanced, a fishing line to goes through everything. I don’t like that my hook hangs on the side, I don’t like my lead to turn around, I don’t like Chod Rig... I like In Line.

Last year Log Cast has got a brother. Long Distance. It produces in various weights, from 65 to 145 g, on every 10 g. Who can’t find the thing he need’s there, doesn’t know what he needs. As for myself, some things will never change: Volkswagen, Red Star, Metallica and Long Cast.

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